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Lavender Hydrosol 30ml  - Case of 6 @ $7.85/ea

Lavender Hydrosol 30ml - Case of 6 @ $7.85/ea

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Transport yourself to the Lavender Fields at home with our Lavender Hydrosol.  While the soft aroma relaxes your senses, mixing it with your favourite Facial Clay will give you a luxurious experience while leaving your skin cleaner than ever.  Due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, your skin will appear fresh and youthful, and anti-inflammation properties may reduce redness and discolouration.  Relax, unwind, mask!

Hydrosol is extracted during steam distillation of plant matter during essential oil production.  This product is less concentrated than essential oil, therefore easier on your skin and its benefits are more readily available for absorption.