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Rosemary Hydrosol 30ml  - Case of 6 @ $7.85/ea

Rosemary Hydrosol 30ml - Case of 6 @ $7.85/ea

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The gentle spicy character is complemented by fresh green undertones leaving your senses revitalized and alert.  Mixing this hydrosol with your favourite Facial Clay will leaving your skin bright and energized.  Handcrafted on Vancouver Island.

Also known as 'Floral Waters', Hydrosols could be considered a by product of essential oil steam distillation.  At Mudology we think Hydrosols are actually the BEST part of that process.  These aromatic waters have similar properties to essential oils but are much more subtle and suited for daily use on sensitive facial skin. Containing traces of essential oil as well as hydrosoluble elements from the original plant matter, the beneficial properties are more readily available for the skin to absorb gently and fully.  Use Hydrosol to mix your dry clay powder into a paste and enjoy a face mask unlike any other.  Like water, be gentle and strong.