The Faces behind the Masque...

Mudology’s philosophy is the product of an immense awe for the intricacies of nature and the belief that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.  

We offer our customers a fresh perspective of the world around them, allowing you to re-experience skincare through our unique combination of nourishing Clay and naturally grown Botanicals that offer an alternative to the synthetic products often found in mainstream skincare.

For Sunny, the founder of Mudology, this process starts at home, in the pristine wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. It was here that she first fell in love with the curative benefits that the Earth has to offer, and through her life-long pursuit of scientific inquiry and understanding into the natural world, a concept was born: to remind others of the restorative benefits lying directly beneath their feet.

We are located on beautiful Vancouver Island where we live, work and play. The company was started by Sunny, a Horticulturist by trade and a lover of all things natural and spa like.  The Mudology team is comprised of family members and employees who have become lifelong friends.  We all work together to bring you a product and experience of the highest quality. 


No matter what your skincare needs may be, here at Mudology,
we’ve got you Mud.