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French Pink Clay

French Pink Clay

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French Pink Clay

Considered the mildest of all the clays, French Pink Clay has a unique composition of Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Calcite, and Montmorillonite clays.  Its essential elements and minerals also include naturally occurring silica which helps sensitive, dry skin maintain crucial moisture ensuring your skin is smooth, hydrated, and nourished.  Pink Clay gently detoxifies and removes impurities for a fresh, glowing complexion.  A fantastic choice for younger people who want to start a skincare regime while also being versatile enough to benefit anyone else looking for anti-aging and cleansing benefits.


This is one of our favorite clays for producing instant results on the first application.  Have an event you want to look your best for? This is the clay that will smooth your complexion and have you glowing. 

French Pink Clay Mask Benefits

  • Deeply cleans the pores without stripping off the skin’s own protective barrier
  • Pink clay contains Silica mineral which improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration
  • Evens skin tone and brightens skin
  • Red clay contains copper which production of collagen and elastin in cells
  • Improves skin tone
  • Normalizes sebum production
  • Has a disinfectant effect
  • Restores impaired tissue function

                This blush-colored dry clay formula is derived from an inactive volcano in France, giving it an extremely high mineral concentration.  Essential minerals and elements such as boron, sodium, copper, iron, potassium, silica, magnesium, and calcium make up a gentle and effective mask full of nutrients essential to the body and revitalize your skin.  The formula is fragrance-free and contains no additives, pollutants, or impurities.  Just mix with water or a liquid of your choice for a custom wet mask experience.  

                Each pouch contains 50 grams of dry powdered blend or 10-15 applications.

                Great for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry skin.


                Our Botanicals

                • Banana is rich in potassium and vitamin and has proven to be great for dry skin
                • Pineapple is packed full of vitamin C & potassium to combat acne & aid the healing of scars
                • Mango reduces fine lines and fights against free radical damage while evening out skin tone

                French Pink Clay is suitable for all skin types and very beneficial and soothing to sensitive and dry skin.  Our French Pink Clay mask formula comes in a cool zippered pouch with a complimentary soft branded brush for easy and even mask coverage for limited waste.  

                Directions for Use

                • Mix 1 tsp of dry formula with .5 tsp of water until the powder becomes a paste
                • Apply with the application brush to a freshly washed and dried face and enjoy the unique tightening, pulsing experience
                • Let dry for 10 minutes
                • Rinse with warm water, pat dry and apply facial oil to lock in hydration
                • Repeat once a week for glowing, smooth skin

                * Avoid mixing French Pink Clay formula with a metal spoon or in a metal container, as clays will absorb metal toxins when activated with liquid. Use glass, pottery, or wooden containers and the enclosed brush so that your clay is primed to absorb the toxin build-up in your skin only!

                 *A bit of redness on the skin after using this mask is normal due to increased circulation and will typically disappear within 30 minutes.


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