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Dead Sea Mud Wet

Dead Sea Mud Wet

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Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud originates from Isreal and has a long history in skincare.  Rich in  Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium and loaded with minerals and trace elements - this soothing face mask will help rejuvenate, detoxify, and tone the skin while improving skin clarity and elasticity.  Breathe new life into your skin!

Dead Sea Mud is suitable for all skin types and very beneficial and soothing to irritated and inflamed skin.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Benefits

  • Works to soothe inflamed skin, therapeutically restorative
  • Cleans out pores
  • Detoxifies for clear, glowing complexions
  • Tightens skin for reduced appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of skin tones and dark spots
  • Clearer, and smoother skin

This dark sandstone-colored dry clay formula is derived from the most saline body of water in the world, giving it an extremely high mineral concentration.  With its high content level of salts, minerals, and elements that are essential to the body, this clay is often used in Pelotherapy, the practice of applying thermal muds for muscle, bone, and skin pathologies recovery.  This amazing clay will refresh and revitalize tired, dull skin. The formula is fragrance-free and contains no additives, pollutants, or impurities.  Just mix with water or a liquid of your choice for a custom wet mask experience.  

Each pouch contains 50 grams of dry powdered blend or 10-15 applications.

Great for all skin types, especially inflamed skin in need of soothing. 


Dead simple.  Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Ocean water.  That's it, that's all.  This product has been treated to be free of any impurities. 

Dead Sea Mud is suitable for all skin types and very beneficial and soothing to irritated and inflamed skin.  Our Dead Sea Clay mask formula comes in a glass and bamboo-lidded jar accompanied by a soft applicator brush enclosed in a box. 


    Directions for Use

    • Apply to a clean face with the enclosed brush
    • Let dry for 10 minutes
    • Rinse and admire!

    Mask once or twice a week for ongoing maintenance of skin health, however, if you're tackling problem skin it can be beneficial to mask more frequently.  We find a light application left on for 5-10 minutes 3-5 times a week can show improvements quickly without drying out your skin.  Make sure to moisturize after a mask, this will prevent your skin from going into overproduction of oil.  We have specially formulated a lightweight Face Oil that is easily absorbed and super nourishing, also, it won't leave your face feeling greasy.

    * Protip: avoid mixing your clay with a metal spoon or in a metal container, as clays will absorb metal toxins when activated with liquid. Use glass or plastic to keep it primed to absorb the toxin build-up in your skin only!

    Reach out and connect with us for more information about our hydrating face mask and clay mask benefits.

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